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Bowling Alley & Other Rooms

Downstairs adjacent to the Ballroom is the historic Bowling Alley.  James Benton Grant, Colorado's third Governor, and his wife Mary were counted as Denver's most wealthy and influential families.  Their mansion was frequently the scene of many party, receptions, teas, dinners and dances.  It is no doubt that bowling played part of these historical events.

This space can be used in a multitude of capacities:  place a photo booth, your cake cutting, a dessert buffet, a second bar (with cordials and after-dinner drinks), seating for your older guests (and those that prefer conversation), and a slide-show/movies complete with movie snacks.

Also pictured is the Groom's Room - a place for the men to relax and play cards with the bride & bridesmaids are getting ready.  There is access for an upstairs bathroom for the men (the bride/smaids have one inside their suite).  The Library (located on the main level in between the Reception Room and Dining Room) is commonly used for the bar or reception stations.  The Parlour Room (located also on the main level) is commonly used for additional seating, a kids room, gifts and guestbook signing.

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