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Wedding Cakes & Dessert

There are many creative places to display your wedding cakes or dessert stations at the Grant-Humphreys Mansion.  Some of the most popular locations:  the Sun Room, in front of the Grand Piano, underneath the chandelier in the Dining Room, in the Ballroom (to encourage guests to go downstairs) and in the Bowling Alley - also setup with cordials and gourmet coffee bar, and tables with seating for your older guests.
For the cake-cutting service, many couples choose to do it right after the toasting (which comes at the end of the meal).  However, many couples decide to do the cake cutting later on in the evening.  It is recommended then to do setup the cake downstairs.  In other words, do some dancing after dinner first, then take a break for some cake.  This sequence of events encourages your guests to stay and socialize longer (since some may leave after dessert).  
Another popular idea: dessert buffets, cupcakes, gourmet coffee carts and cordials (serve up some Baileys and Kaluah with your coffee).  
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